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Things that I think concerns sport, keeping fit, staying healthy …

Since 2012 ish I’ve been slowly but surely switching from riding bikes (I’ve been riding mountain bikes for the last 25 years or so) to working out at the gym, and now doing Crossfit (I know that biking is a ‘sport’ as well but I’ll keep it in its own section ‘Biking’.

Why the switch ? well many reasons, starting from bad weather over the last couple of years which always seem to be during the weekends.

With age, I’ll be 60 end of 2017 certain friends, myself included , though not all old farts like myself BUT… : if the weather forecast says “Sunday it’s going to rain” or its going to be minus xx degrees, SMS start flying around and the next day it’s either, stay in bed or go to the gym, where it’s always warm and dry (though often a little stinky and sweaty …)

Sadly unlike the bike rides that I write about and leaving GPX files so that they can be downloaded and ridden by others, there’s not a lot to tell when working out in the gym.

Since end of 2014 I’ve been doing some Crossfit, this is more than just interesting as it’s not just working out at the gym with weights or doing cardio but a mix of both, far more fitness orientated,. Its also taken over from working out at the gym.

As well as crossfit I’m now also into trail running, for me its like mountain biking but on your feet rather then on wheels

In this section there are also posts about health, dieting (or rather eating correctly), losing weight putting on muscle and working on keeping fit, getting slimmer, stronger and having a better looking body (Is that really possible at my age ? …)


updated december 2016

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