2014 so much to say, so hard to say it

I haven’t done much writing on my blog lately, the last post was about dieting September 2013, so its time to get some more blah blah written down.

Since the last post in September 2013 many things have happened and as its holiday season here in France, and I have a little time, I thought that I’d get a post written and online.

Mountain biking

As with many previous years I finished my ‘sportive year’ doing the Roc d’Azur in October 2013, it went fairly well to begin with  but had a mechanical failure in the middle of the week as my pedal broke off, this causing me to come of the bike, three times in all …. a fractured rib, fractured coccyx and a banged up knee, still finished the week, though in a ‘little pain’

Didn’t really care much about the pain as I nearly always break a rib every year when I fall of my bike,  but boy did they take some time to get better, the coccyx was a right pain in the ass . Luckily when getting back home, near Paris the weather was so shitty that it gave me a good excuse to stop biking and go to the gym instead

How to fuck up your eye or eyes  for the rest of your life

A little after the Roc d’Azur I decided to have a laser operation on my left eye, so that I wouldn’t need reading glasses when reading.

This sadly didn’t go well, and I have all the unwanted side effects that are possible, I have now a lot of difficultly getting the eye to focus on anything,  the eye sees troubled and most of the times double, I have also the impression that I have a fly in my eye, I have a dark shape zooming around as I move the eye. Apparently nothing can be done to correct these problems so am stuck with them for the rest of my life. the worst is now I need glasses so that I can drive and ride my bike safely, I gone from only needing glasses sometime to read to nearly all of the time, with a dicky eye, that is painful and tired all the time, even 10 months after the operation

I’ve written a more detailed post here :  http://wp.me/pc5vi-EFn

Biking 2014 

After a really shitty weather wise end of the year 2013 and the coccyx, knee and rib finally healed, I started to get out on the road bike to get some training in. Unlucky for me one of the first outings, on a nice dry day (so rare) in January I got hit by a large van coming in the opposite direction to me, even though I was wearing a yellow safety jacket and had a front light on and I was on my side of the road, a guy in a Renault Traffic tried to throw me off the bike by coming to close to me, his side mirror (they are big on the Traffic) crashed into my shoulder, I ripped of the whole of his mirror in the process, and somehow stayed on the bike, (I do a lot of core workouts at the gym, I think that this helped me to stay steady and not falling off)

Then he came back and threatened myself and the friend I was riding with a huge pipe spanner as he was ‘upset’ that I’d broke his mirror and he wanted me to pay for the damage, other wise ….

Finally he left us alone and drove of, I then spent the rest of the day in hospital, have Xrays and getting checked out, next day with the Police, and the rest of the week for some IRM and more Xrays, Lucky for me I’m well-built muscle wise (OK I say that myself but my doctor as well) the muscles protected my bones as otherwise my shoulder would have been broken in many places. 30cm more the left and I would have been like a fly on the windscreen

I still had three weeks of work with some physiotherapy get the shoulder mobile again and working correctly, we are now six months later and its fairly good, though certain movements I still can’t do. Of course this screwed up my biking start of the year,  7 months later and I’m still waiting on the police and French tribunal to deal with the driver, for aggression and causing an accident.

Working out – GYM 2014

Although it took a lot of time to get the shoulder and left arm working correctly again, I still worked out most days at the gym.

This year I’ve actually dropped the time at the gym to around a 1 hour workout rather than 90 mins to a 2 hour workout every time as I realised that it doesn’t make you any fitter or stronger, in fact it can actually be detrimental to your progression,

I normally workout Tuesdays Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (Saturdays when nice weather I’ll bike to the gym and home again) Sunday is for biking, either mountain biking when not muddy or road biking

Mondays and Thursdays as a rest days though often I use these to workout at home having  installed a small gym in the basement, just some weights, a step and a punching bag (I hate doing nothing at home, if I’m not working out I tend to sit in front of the TV and doing sod all)

Sundays are still my main biking days, though so so few this year, again because of the should injury and it rained, rained and rained again this year and of course nearly every weekend. As soon as I even hear  ‘pitter patter’ on the Velux I think sod the bike I’ll go to the gym and stay warm and dry.

In the gym I do nearly everything. I’ve learnt a lot in the last 30 months or so, I don’t do big and heavy weights, am only lifting for instance 60 kilos in a Bench press and am not really trying to lift more.

I workout most muscle groups mostly in order, back front, biceps, triceps etc. More often than not though I do the workouts any order so that my body doesn’t get used to a routine, but I do all, legs, arms, trunk, abs, shoulders, back, lower back  etc, working maybe a little more on the abs section (that’s often at home in front of the TV with a 5 kilos medicine ball) as I’m oldish and the skin is a little flabby with age (56 now), sadly no matter how much you works the muscles the skin rests the same flabby and old, sniff sniff

I still use Jefit http://www.jefit.com/ which a smartphone application, and which is great as not only does it show you what to do and keep track on what I’ve done, it for instance has a report section with a pie chart so I know when I’m slacking an a certain area, or doing to much in another area.

Dieting 2014

I’ve been dieting like going to the gym for around 30 months now,

It’s not really dieting in the sense that I do not follow any particular diet, but I DO watch everything I eat, unless out on the town or invited somewhere, (you need to be able to switch of sometimes and eat what ever is on the plate and have a drink or two)

I still write down just about everything I eat using Myfitnesspal Android app,  (I can be found if you look for Minty95) I love counting calories and seeing how many carbs, fats or protein I intake per day, this is for myself and sometime just to annoy my wife 🙂 I keep my calorie intake to about 2000 per day, below what a man should intake (2500/2800 is the standard amount) but its enough for me except certain days when I go overboard on mountain biking ride for instance with the ride itself using 3000 / 4000 calories, then maybe I’ll eat more.

My wife thinks I’m crazy as I also like weighing what I eat, OK don’t get me wrong I don’t weigh everything, (yes you do, shit : stop listening to that voice in your head) mostly only things like meat, or the carbs, lentils, bread, pastas that I weigh, the rest is guessed, when I really weigh everything then its time to call in the white van with white wheels and guys in white coats.

Dieting is fairly easy and I still have a hard time wondering why people can’t lose weight, it’s just a matter of self-control and getting it right, not eating the wrong things, or rather eating the right things and often or not just cutting quantities etc.

I watched for a while the TV program called Secret Eaters where people were saying “I don’t understand, I eat well but I’m putting on weight” but they were pigging themselves eating in one meal what I would eat for a whole day, drinking gallons of fizzy drinks. I admit I’m careful what I eat, preferring chicken breasts (I’m a kinky guy and like breasts, OK … ) to pork chops or sausages. vegetables rather than chips. Again I admit I have a wonderful wife (Sophie) she loves cooking and cooking real meals with fresh and healthy food, we very rarely eat ready bought meals.

I never eat fast food, rarely eat chips or cakes, it’s just a question of getting into a certain habit and a life style, I’ll order a real burger in a restaurant if its home-made, I’ll just ask for no sauce, I’ll keep the cheese and bacon ’cause its to yummy and have a side salad instead of the chips. little things like that to keep the calorie count down

My weight is stable between 76 / 77 kilos.

Body fat has dropped from 19.5% in March 2012 (which for info is a normal ratio) to 10% and I’ve added over 3 kilos of muscle while loosing 5 kilos of weight 82 kilos minus 77 kilos

I use  Tanita scales so that I can check on my body fat, arms legs and trunk,  in other words lost around the 8 kilos of fat in total

The muscle added is of course due to going to the gym and working out, as they say in the gym “no pain, no gain”

Watching what you eat and doing some kind of sport is a great combination and the two work great together.