La Viking VTT – Bonnières sur Seine

My first mountain bike ride of the year 2013

Dimanche 28 avril 2013

I’m back – Having broken my Van Nicholas Ti frame last October 2012 and only receiving the replacement end of February 2013 and at the same time have an  operation middle of March 2013 for a hernia, all this meant that I’ve not been on  my bike for six months.

So with a little trepidation (its only six weeks since I’ve been operated on and the scar is still a little tender) I decided at the very last-minute, actually 6am in the morning to get on my new Tuareg and ride it for its / my first real ride.

The morning was chilly only 3° dégrees but dry, I had ridden this ‘rando’ last year but had few real memories of it except the start at the parking in the middle of the town center.

With my usual buddies we started at 9am and for 3 hours enjoyed a very good almost single track only 45 kms ride, The rando offered either a 45 km or 80 km option but I opted for the 45km (my friends did the 80km but told me after that it wasn’t very interesting)

Nothing overly difficult during the ride, only two downhills that I didn’t want to try, so walked down them, as usual I’m pretty useless when it comes to scary or technical downhill stuff.

The singletracks were good,  real singles where you can’t overtake, needing to wait to be able to zoom past the guy in front. The ground was slightly damp but not wet and so perfect for adherence, which was great as I was trying out a new tyre on the back, a Hutchinson Cobra which is only for dry riding. A shame that being still a little weak and not very fit, I couldn’t ride them faster or better, as cross-country is what I prefer and love.

No roads, no over wide tracks with no interest what so ever, little riding over fields, just forest  so in all a good ride. A good rando that was just perfect for a first ride after such a long break from biking.

SportTrack gives me a 44km ride for 1009 m ‘dénivelé’ (ascend/descent) this is about  the same my Garmin 705 gave me, the ride took us 3h exactly (plus 30 mins for eating and fixing a puncture, Emeric buy some decent tires ….) which I consider not to bad for a first ride, should be able to do it less though, maybe 2h45.

A good ‘rando’, a good ‘parcours’ perfect for those who love XC riding. A food break at the 20km mark, fruit, chocolate, cake and drinks, this ‘rando’ though is expensive as it was 9 euros to participate, which I find a little over the top. A decent amount of uphills to tire the legs, decent weather, a better than average Sunday ride.

le ‘parcours’ is available for download on Everytrail as usual

Sometimes I find that french words are better than English ones so :

Parcours = course or  itinerary

Rando = a bike ballad, not a race

Dénivelé = ascend/descent