Leuchtturn1917 vs Moleskine Evernote notebook

The last two notebooks that I’ve used have been Leuchtturn1917 ones rather than the Moleskines.

To be honest there is very little difference between the two, they are almost the same size, about the same thickness, with little or nothing to tell them apart.

The new Moleskine Evernote version has icons embossed on the cover making it more attractive, for the moment the only cover colour is black ,  the Leuchtturn1917 has several colours available like a normal Moleskine but it’s cover is plain which is a shame, as the Evernote cover is rather nice.

Both have lined paper inside except the Evernote version has dotted lines rather than a straight lines, the difference is negligible. Here’s a link explaining why there is a Evernote version of the standard Moleskine  http://evernote.com/getting_started/moleskine/

For those who have a Iphone and use Evernote this may make the Evernote more useful

The pages on the Leuchtturn1917 are numbered given it for me one of the main advantages over Moleskines,  normal or the Evernote version.

At the rear of the Leuchtturn1917 there are 8 pages that can be detached without having to rip them out,  so very useful when you need to jot something down to give to someone (I hate having to rip of pages, its so messy) this for me is the second main advantage over the Moleskines.

Both notebooks have a back pocket to hold slips of paper, a credit card or anything else that is not to fat.

For the moment the advantage for the Evernote version is not available for Android phones and so scanning the pages with an Android be it Evernote or Leuchtturn1917 is the same.

The paper quality is very similar, I use a Lamy 2000 fountain pen for my notes, no problem whatever notebook I use.

Update : After writing a couple of pages I’ve noticed that the writing on the other side of a page shows through more on the Moleskine, meaning that the paper must be slightly thinner and more transparent, nothing to important but again a reason to prefer the Leuchtturn1917.

The Leuchtturn1917 for me is a better notebook, better paper quality, better build quality, numbered and detachable pages all give it the edge, only the green elastic band fastener and embossed cover make the Evernote version look sexier.