Roc d’Azur VTT 2009


This year I took a week’s holiday and so spent more time down south, I managed to get in 5 days of biking, doing twice the full circuit of 55km and twice 35km plus some more biking in between

300km in all with over 5600m of dénivelé, not to bad

Like last year the weather was super, even managed to get some swimming in the sea

This year we were seven in total, all good friends and all wearing  my company’s biking gear

Look nice clothes ....with the bikes its even better

I’ve put this ride on EveryTrail which cab be download onto a GPS unit :

Roc d’Azur_2009 at EveryTrail


Here we go again, 55 km about 2400m dénivelé (now what is that in English ??)

This year more training time and a new bike meant that this was better than last year

Brilliant sunshine, overs 16 ooo bikers, what more could a MTBist ask for

3 of my best mates and myself managed to get 3 great biking days in, no accidents, everything went well

Photos :

Bloody long hill

Bloody long hill, phew

all finished and time for a rest

all finished and time for a rest